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American football in Russia

How IAFA helps young international students to start playing football in the United States

IAFA founders — ex-NFL stars Doug Cosbie and Ricky Hunley — tell us a story about their mission, approach, vision and reasons to help international players.

What is up for one of the youngest football programs in America? First & Goal is visiting Florida Atlantic

In a month, the impressions have calmed down. Let's share!

East European Super League and Polish Topliga created united tournament structure

East European Super League lost Ukranian teams during January, but found new partner — Polish Topliga.

LeCharles Bentley: You grow up envisioning yourself scoring the winning touchdown, but no one enjoys the idea of game-winning block. But it’s necessary

Interview with former Ohio State Buckeyes, New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns offensive linemen, two time Pro Bowl selection and one of the most respected O-Line coach.

E.J. Woods: «Some of the best players don't make it to the NFL Draft because the cannot handle the system. And unfortunately I was one of those players»

Russian national league 2018 MVP told First & Goal about his perception of Russia, rivalry with Spartans and college football system in USA

Top teams from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine announced the new Superleague

How startup Your Call Football can help young coaches

Yaroslavl Rebels quarterbacks coach Michael J.P. Laurent talks about project Your Call Football and the growth of coaches in developing countries.

Derek Mann: If you unhappy with something you need to either live with that or win the championship to change your outlook.

First & Goal talked to Derek Mann, Head Coach of Oslo Vikings, about the board of directors of an amateur team, why people in British Columbia don't like Seattle Seahawks and how to make a roster of six-year-old team if you're five. 

Billy Elmore: We could not have done the camp without help of Russian coaches

Billy Elmore, West Memphis High School head football coach talks about football camp in Yekaterinburg.

Tasha Poduska: I dislike people people who are unwilling to try new things

Head Coach of Khabarovsk Cobras Tasha Poduska talks about her work on the Far East, flying to Moscow, Mexican food restaurants and her attitude to new President of the United States.

igor_olshansky_2010_12_19 Igor Olshansky: My Coaches Never Played a Defensive Line

Former defensive linemen for the San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, the one and only NFL starter from the ex-USSR gave an exclusive interview to Russia based internet media.

Moscow Spartans took a timeout on russian national championship game in the memory of Buddy Ryan

Russian american football team started the game with minute of silence paying respects to coach Ryan.

Грифоны Санкт-Петербург - Крестоносцы Карлстад / Saint-Petersburg Griffins - Carlstad Crusaders Tracey Gere: The biggest key to our wins is that somehow we developed culture

Head coach of Carlstad Crusaders — six-time Swedish Champions — Tracey Gere told First & Goal during his visit to Saint-Petersburg about seven lost finals, coaching in american High School and the advantage of having an NFL-caliber kicker.

How much do Russian and CIS teams travel? Infographics

In 2016 regular season Russian, Ukrainian and Central Asian teams will play 6 games in average. Half of those will be away games. First & Goal decided to count how much distance teams will cover and find main travellers.

Brett Morgan as head coach of "Koc Rams" on Champions League game vs "St. Petersburg Griffns" Brett Morgan: The biggest jump football in Europe can make is finding a way to pay non-imports

Brett Morgan, head coach of sensational «Istanbul Koc Rams» team told First & Goal about his work in Brasil, Turkey and Canada, the role of General Manager and his passion about quarterbacks.

12977129_10156775392170282_7916065579618021636_o Ogedai Tarakci: When I learned about the results of the draw, I was pleasantly surprised 

Former player of «Griffins» and «Koc Rams» shares for First & Goal his expectations from the upcoming matchup of these two teams in the Champions League.

10931347_1529755523958292_1686648217004015350_n (1) The Football Journey of Vladimir Emilien

Interview with Vladimir Emilien, former NCAA football player and Bejing Iron Brothers head coach.

Interview with Jacoby Brisset
First & Goal talked to NC State quarterback Jacoby Brisset about his last NCAA season and NFL intentions.